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Social Responsibility

Network CN is taking its social responsibility for the Sichuan earthquake.

Network CN is taking action in response to China’s devastating 8.0 earthquake.  We have programmed our network of LED billboards and LCD panels in Beijing to periodically display earthquake news and donation pledge information.  We are also reserving air time on our network for government authorities to use in coordinating response efforts.  We believe that the power of information is one important way to help the many thousands of people who have been affected, and will do all we can to provide citizens with first-hand updates.

Network CN is coordinating an out-of-home advertising network in six cities to provide the public with up-to-the-minute government television programming focused on the earthquake and its aftermath, as well as information on how to donate to China Red Cross relief and recovery efforts. The Company provides time each day for programming from government television network CCTV, plus public service announcements from the China Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Red Cross for at least the remainder of May and June 2008.

In response to the May 12 earthquake, Network CN has donated time on the entire combined network, comprising over 11,000 advertising panels nationwide, for government and charity messages related to the earthquake and recovery efforts.