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A media & advertising company headquartered in Hong Kong.


Network CN Inc.
安博 (美国)

Network CN Inc., a media and advertising company headquartered in Hong Kong was established in early 2000’s by with focus on out-of-home (OOH) media in Mainland China. Network CN has the positioning, expertise and strategic vision to harness strong corporate growth from the exciting media service landscape of today’s China. We are working to make our service into a leading force in its industry sector and to cultivate cross-marketing synergies among them. Since late 2006, we have been expanding our outdoor media network in major cities in China, including roadside LED screens, outdoor giant LED screens and advertising light boxes. With the rapid development of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, LED advertising has become a popular form of new media for its ability to transmit brightly colored and high-brightness images.

安博 NCN (美国) 有限公司总部位于香港,集团的使命是致力成为中国户外媒体的领导者,积极为品牌客户服务。我们致力积极争取在中国主要城市安装及运营路边广告牌及大型平面广告牌。安博 NCN 拥有定位、专业知识和战略眼光,可以利用当今中国令人兴奋的媒体服务领域的强劲企业增长。 我们正在努力使我们的服务成为行业领域的主导力量,并在它们之间培育交叉营销协同效应。自2006年后期,我们开始在中国主要城市不断扩大我们的户外媒体网络,媒体形式包括路边LED屏、户外巨型LED屏和广告灯箱。随着LED(发光二极管)技术日新月异,LED广告以能传输色彩鲜艳和高亮度的画面而成为广受欢迎的新媒体形式。


Mega Size LCD Billboard


Located in the most busiest, attractive hot spot & crowded popular cities.

Roadside LCD Billboard


Located in the most busiest, attractive hot spot, popular cities & highway.

Indoor Billboard


Located in all indoor basement carpark, transportation & subway station.

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