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Project Zhuhai

UshopIn Import Commodity Exhibition Center In Zhuhai

In October 2012, NCN has contracted to operate the advertising area of the UshopIn Exhibition Hall in “Zhuhai-Macau Cross Border Industrial Zone” (the “Zone”). NCN has obtained a exclusive right to operate the 276 square meters advertising area of the UshopIn Exhibition Hall which was built on the first floor of Union Building at the entrance of Zhuhai sub-zone and 19 billboards on the wall of UshopIn Exhibition Hall.

Zhuhai is one of the five special economic zones in China, all of which enjoy special economic policies and flexible government measures. The Zone is the first cross border industrial zone in China approved by the State Council, which located between Gongbei district of Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province and Qingzhou district of Macau, including Zhuhai sub-zone (0.29 sq km) and Macau sub-zone (0.11 sq km). Zhuhai sub-zone that is supervised by China’s Customs directly and shares the policies of Free Trade Zone. People flow and car flow had attained 2000 and 500 per day respectively.

UshopIn set up their first exhibition hall “UpshopIn Import Commodity Exhibition Centre”, which is over 2,000 square meters and was built on the first floor of Union Building in Zhuhai sub-zone. The phase II and III of exhibition hall with 6,232 square meters was completed and will be put to use in the September 2013. Moreover, UshopIn also planned to expand their exhibition network to other cities in China.