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Project Wuhan

Network CN Inc. Adds Mega-Size Digital Video Billboard in Wuhan to Its Media Network

Network CN Inc. has entered into a business cooperation agreement with Wuhan Weiao Advertising Company Ltd. Under terms of the agreement, Network CN, through its subsidiary, Shanghai Quo Advertising Company Ltd., is authorized to install and operate a 200-square- meter digital video billboard at Wuhan Gongyi Tower on Zhongshan Road in Wuhan, China. Network CN’s rights to operate this mega-size video billboard for advertising extend for a period of five years.

“As of December 31, 2007, our media network had grown to comprise rights to install and operate 923 roadside LED panels and 8 mega-size digital video billboards,’ Godfrey Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Network CN, commented. ‘We are proud to extend our media network with this additional prominently placed mega-size digital video billboard in Wuhan. As our Media network continues to expand, our advertisers will benefit from our reach, fulfilling our growth strategy and building shareholder value for our investors.”

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, is among the largest cities along the Yangtze River, with a population of eight million. It is a hub for economic and cultural activity in Central China. Wuhan’s Gongyi Tower is in the city’s central commercial district, which attracts over 450,000 people a day.