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Project Shanghai

Network CN Inc. Expands Ownership of Shanghai Media Project and Begins Beta Testing of LED Panels
安博(美国)有限公司扩大对上海媒体项目的所有权并开始 LED 面板的第二版测试

Network CN Inc. has exercised the option to acquire the remaining 40% of the Shanghai media project it began with Guiding Media last month.

Godfrey Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Network CN stated, ‘We are extremely pleased to expand our ownership of the LED project, mainly because we see great opportunity in China’s outdoor advertising market.’

As previously announced in November 2006, the Company began a business agreement with Guiding Media Advertising Limited, a company incorporated in China, to manage and operate approximately 120 LED outdoor advertising panels in the Changning district of Shanghai, China (‘the Project’). Through the terms of the business agreement, Network CN and Guiding Media Advertising may operate the network of outdoor panels for a 20-year period. Network CN expects to market advertising space to high-end brand names wishing to reach Shanghai’s growing group of consumers.

Hui continued, ‘LED technology has evolved to become a new and popular form of advertising display, capable of delivering crisp, super-bright images and video indoors and outdoors. Additionally, advertisers in China are increasingly upgrading the quality of their media, and they are looking for new, sophisticated ways to speak to consumers. The LED network we are establishing in Shanghai provides advertisers with the tools they want right now.’

Network CN expects to commence beta testing with at least ten other LED panels by the end of February 2007, and expects to recognize income from advertising revenue in the first half of 2007.

安博(美国)有限公司已经行使了对其上月与汇众博纳启动的上海媒体项目的其余40%的选择权。安博(美国)有限公司首席执行官许展堂表示:“我们非常高兴能够扩大我们对该 LED 项目的所有权,这主要是因为我们看到了中国户外广告市场的重大机遇。”

正如之前于2006年11月份宣布的那样,该公司将开始与在中国组建的汇众博纳广告公司之前的一项业务协议,从而管理并运营中国上海长宁区的大约120个 LED 户外广告面板(以下简称“该项目”)。根据上述业务协议条款,安博集团和汇众博纳广告公司可以运营该户外面板网络20年。安博集团计划向那些希望面向上海日益壮大的消费群进行宣传的高端品牌推广其广告空间。

许先生还表示:“LED 已经发展成为一种新的流行广告展示方式,这种方式能够实现在室内和户外的清新超亮的图片和视频。此外,中国的广告商越来越多地升级他们的媒体质量,他们也正在寻找向消费者讲述的先进的新方式。我们正在上海建设的 LED 网络现在就可以提供给广告商们他们所期待的工具。”

安博集团的 LED 项目位于上海长宁区,该区拥有上海19区中最高的家庭平均收入。自2006年11月份推出该项目以来,该公司已经安装了3个路边 LED 面板并已经完成了 第二阶段测试。安博集团计划在2007年2月份之前至少完成10个其他 LED 面板的 第二阶段测试,并计划在2007年上半年实现广告营利。

Network CN Inc. Announces New Contract Out-Of-Home Media Project in Shanghai

Network CN Inc. has entered into a business cooperation agreement with Shanghai Zhong Ying Communication Engineering Company Limited (‘Zhong Ying’), a company incorporated in China and appointed by the Shanghai City Government to oversee the installation of 200 LED outdoor advertising panels in the Huangpu district of Shanghai, China. The Contract was signed with Network CN’s subsidiary, Shanghai Quo Advertising Company Limited (‘Quo’). Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, Zhong Ying will complete the government approval process and solidify the final locations of the LED panels, while Network CN’s subsidiary, Quo, will invest in and operate the LED panels. The contract grants Network CN exclusive rights to operate the LED panels for a 20-year period, and the Company expects to finish installation by the end of 2007. Additionally, the Company anticipates that it will begin to generate revenue from the installation of LED panels and the sale of advertising and other content during the second half of 2007.

Godfrey Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Network CN stated, ‘We are very excited to announce our second media contract in Shanghai, which represents one more step forward in our overall plan to establish an outdoor media presence throughout key areas of the city. Today’s announcement is particularly exciting because it grants us exclusive management of 200 LED panels in the Huangpu district — a very sophisticated section of Shanghai which, we imagine, could be a compelling area for outdoor advertisers. We are currently in the process of obtaining final rights to proceed with our two announced media projects, and we are operating with the goal of expanding into many more of Shanghai’s leading districts before the World Expo in 2010.’

安博(美国)有限公司已经与在中国组建的上海中瀛通信工程有限公司(Shanghai Zhong Ying Communication Engineering Company Limited)(以下简称“中瀛”)达成一项业务合作协议,并获上海市政府委派,负责在中国上海黄浦区安装200个 LED 户外广告板。此协议是与安博集团旗下子公司——上海高界广告有限公司(Shanghai Quo Advertising Company Limited)(以下简称“高界”)签署的。根据这一合作协议,中瀛将完成政府审批程序并确定这些 LED广告板的最终所在地,而安博集团子公司高界将投资并运营这些 LED 广告板。这一协议授予了安博集团运营这些 LED 广告板20年的独家权利,该公司计划在2007年底之前完成这些广告板的安装工作。此外,该公司还预计其将在2007年下半年开始通过安装 LED 广告板和销售广告和其他内容而开始取得收益。

安博集团首席执行官 许展堂(Godfrey Hui)表示:“我们很高兴地宣布签署我们在上海的第二份媒体合同,这代表着我们在上海主要区域建立起户外媒体业务存在的整体计划又向前迈进了一步。今天的声明尤其令人振奋,因为它赋予了我们在黄浦区的200个LED 广告板的独家管理权。黄浦区是上海的一个非常先进的区域,我们认为它将成为户外广告客户的必争之地。目前,我们正在申请最终权,开展我们已经宣布的两个媒体项目。我们现在的运营目标是:在2010年世博会之前,向上海更多的领先区域渗透。”

Network CN Inc. Expands Network Media Business into Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone

Network CN Inc. has entered into a business cooperation agreement with Shanghai Qianming Advertising Company Ltd. Under terms of the agreement, Network CN becomes the authorized, exclusive agent to 85 roadside LED digital video panels in Shanghai’s Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone. The agreement will be effective from September 1, 2007 to August 31, 2013. The contract was signed between Shanghai Qianming Advertising and Network CN’s subsidiary, Shanghai Quo Advertising Company Ltd.

Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone is in the center of the Lujiazui Functional Area, including about 43.4 square kilometers in Pudong, Shanghai. Hosting fully 31% of the foreign financial institutions in China, Lujiazui is becoming a leading financial and business center, similar to Manhattan in New York, the City in London, Shinjuku in Tokyo, and Central in Hong Kong.

Godfrey Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Network CN, commented, “We are proud of the progress we are making in our strategic network media business. Lujiazui is at the heart of the economic dynamics leading China onto the world business and finance stage. It is a hub for capital and information circulation in this region. These exclusive agency rights to out-of-home roadside LED digital video panels in Lujiazui strengthen our competitive position as an emerging media leader in China.” 

“We provide premium visibility to advertisers with world-class brands,” Mr. Hui added.  “We’re now another step closer to completing the coverage of our media network in China particularly in Shanghai.  Including this contract, we have obtained rights to install and operate more than 400 roadside LED digital video panels in Shanghai.  Our target is to reach 500 panels in Shanghai by the end of 2007.  Through cooperation with local businesses and government agencies, our media business is growing rapidly in the Shanghai region. We will build on this success in Shanghai, but we are similarly expanding our media operations to include other major cities in China.”

Additional terms to this transaction include the following:

  • Network CN anticipates that it will complete the installation of all 85 LED panels by the end of 2007, and that it will begin to generate revenues from installed panels during the second half of 2007.
  • Qianming is responsible for installing the foundations and certain below ground electrical equipment necessary to operate the panels on or before June 30, 2007 and for daily maintenance of the panels, including the cleaning of the visible external parts and the repair of any damage to the external shells containing the units.
  • Qianming is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the necessary governmental approvals for the installation of the panels and for the publication of content and advertisements on the panels.






  • 安博(美国)有限公司计划其将于2007年底完成所有85块LED视频板的安装,且部分安装好的视频板从2007年下半年开始就将为其带来收入。
  • 上海乾明广告有限公司将负责在2007年6月30日之前完成视频板基座和其它一些必要地下电气设施的安装,并负责这些视频板的日常维护,包括外表可见部分的清洁以及破损外壳的维修和更换。
  • 上海乾明广告有限公司负责申请获得与视频板安装和广告内容发布有关的政府批文。

Network CN Adds Two Mega-Size Digital Video Billboards to Growing Shanghai Network

Network CN Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement with Shanghai Yukang Advertising Company Ltd., the owner and operator of two mega-size digital video billboards located at Century Plaza on Nanjing Road (Nanjing Lu) in Shanghai. 

Under the agreement, Network CN’s subsidiary, Shanghai Quo Advertising Company Ltd., becomes the exclusive advertising agent and advertising content provider for the two mega-size billboards during a daily 5-hour time slot for the two years commencing on July 1, 2007, while Yukang Advertising remains responsible for all expenses related to operation of the billboards.  The agreement allows Quo Advertising to retain all advertising revenues for advertisements published during its allotted time slots. 

The agreement is subject to the laws of the People’s Republic of China and Quo Advertising’s ability to publish advertisements is subject to applicable rules and regulations in China regarding advertising generally, and public out-of-home advertisements in particular.

Often called “the most famous shopping street in China”, internationally known Nanjing Road is filled with more than 600 stores, restaurants and art galleries, drawing visitors from all over the world.  Shanghai is the most populous city in China and home to approximately 18 million residents, while serving as the nation’s commercial and financial hub.

Godfrey Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Network CN, commented, “These two strategically located mega-size locations represent a significant contribution to the network of media properties we are building.  As dynamic, high-visibility sites, they are the ‘crown jewels’ in our rapidly growing out-of-home advertising portfolio, which we plan to expand to include up to 540 roadside LED displays in Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan.  This is an important milestone toward our growth and profitability goals.”






Roadside LED Panels and Roadside Rolling Light Boxes on Nanjing Road

Since 2007, Network CN Inc. has obtained an operating right to operate 52 two-sided rolling poster frame outdoor advertising panels located in the pedestrian mall on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China. Nanjing Road is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Shanghai, with more than 600 stores, restaurants and art galleries. It is the “Number One Commercial Street in China”in terms of total annual revenues.

52 advertising roadside panels currently consist of 10 two-sided LED panels and 42 roller-sheet panels. The size of these panels range from 1.9 to 2.2 square meters.



Shanghai Bailian Shimao International Plaza

Location: Bailian Shimao International Plaza, located at the junction of Nanjing East Road and Tibet Middle Road.

Daily effective communication volume: Covering the traffic flow of Tibet Middle Road, Jiujiang Road and the exit of Metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line M8 Traffic flow 30W times, pedestrian flow: 600,000 times

Target Audience Analysis:

  • People’s Square: The only way to go shopping on Nanjing East Road after sightseeing in People’s Square, completely cover this kind of audience and be foolproof.
  • Transfer Hall: The subway transfer hall in People’s Square is the largest subway transfer center in the country. There are countless people passing through the transit bus system here every day.
  • Jiujiang Road: Because Nanjing East Road is a pedestrian street, all the traffic flows to Jiujiang Road at the same time, which is the only way to drive to the Bund.
  • Commercial center: Bailian Shimao International Plaza itself is the highest-grade shopping mall in Nanjing East Road, Tibet Middle Road area, surrounded by Esprit flagship store, Raffles City, New World and many other well-known shopping malls
  • Analysis of advertising effect: Located in the core business center of Shanghai and the highest building in Puxi, and the super five-star Royal Le Méridien hotel complex, it has an unparalleled perspective advantage and is suitable for all kinds of brands.

地理位置:百联世茂国际广场,位于南京 东路西藏中路交界处。

每日有效传播量 :覆盖西藏中路、九江路车流人流及地铁1号线、2号线、M8线出口人流量 车流量30W次,人流量:60万次

目标受众分析   :

  • 人民广场:从人民广场观光后至南京东路购物的必经之路,全完覆盖此类受众,做到万无一失。
  • 换乘大厅:人民广场地铁换乘大厅,是全国最大的地铁换乘中心,每天经过通过此处中转公交系统的人不计其数。
  • 九江路:因为南京 东路为步行街,故所有的车流都同时挤向了九江路,是驱车去外滩的必经之路。
  • 商业中心:百联世茂国际广场本身即为南京东路西藏中路地区档次最高的商场,周边拥有Esprit旗舰店、来福士广场、新世界等众多知名商场
  • 广告效果分析   :身处上海核心商业中心及浦西最高楼,超五星级皇家艾美酒店群楼,拥有无与伦比的视角优势,适合各类品牌的投放

3 Mega-sized Advertising Billboards in Shanghai

In February 2012, NCN obtained exclusive operating right to operate 3 Mega-sized Advertising Billboards in Shanghai, China. The details are shown in below:

Advertising Billboard No. 1

  • It is located at Raffles City, Shanghai. Raffles City is in the center of Shanghai and is near to People’s Square and Nanjing Road. The daily flow of people and traffic is more than 0.8 million.
  • The size of billboards is approx. 600 square meters and its past customers includes Citibank, Nikon and Nintendo etc.

Advertising Billboard No. 2 and No. 3

  • These two advertising billboards are located at different section along Nanjing Road and Henan Road, Shanghai, China. The daily flow of people in Nanjing Road is more than 1.5 millions and even up to 4 millions during the holidays.
  • The size of billboards No. 2 is 137m x 2.6m = 350 square meters while the billboard No. 3 is 91m x 2.2m = 196 square meters. Their past customers includes SWATCH, Hennessey, Ernest Borel and MIDO etc.



  • 广告牌位于上海来福士广场。来福士广场是上海市中心,彼邻人民广场及南京路。
  • 每天的人流量及交通流量超过80万。
  • 广告牌的尺寸范围约600平方米。过往的客户包括Citibank, Nikon及Nintendo等。

广告牌(二) 及 (三)

  • 这两块广告牌位于中国上海沿南京路至河南路的不同地段。南京路每天的人流量超过1.5百万,在假日期间甚至高达4百万。
  • 广告牌(二)的尺寸范围是137米 x 2.6米 = 350平方米,广告牌(三)的尺寸范围是91米 x 2.2米 = 196平方米。过往的客户包括SWATCH, Hennessey, Ernest Borel and MIDO等。

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Arrival Hall

NWCN has entered into an agreement with Shanghai Railway Culture & Advertising Development Co., Ltd (“SRMG”) to operate the 91 advertising lightboxes in arrival hall of  Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

Under the agreement, NWCN obtained the exclusive rights to operate the 91 advertising lightboxes in arrival hall of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station from September 10, 2013 to December 9, 2016. SRMG is the only authorized party by Shanghai Railway Bureau to advertise in the station.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (“Hongqiao Station”) is one of the major railway stations in Shanghai. It is the largest railway station in Asia with total area of 1.3 million square meters. Hongqiao Station located in Minhang District of Shanghai, is a major part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub. The station achieves a zero-distance transfer with the Terminal 2 of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, as well as Line 2 and Line 10 of Shanghai Metro. Hongqiao Station is the most important high-speed railway station in China. It primarily served as the Shanghai terminus of high speed rail line, such as Shanghai–Nanjing High-Speed Railway line, the Shanghai–Hangzhou High-Speed Railway line and the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway line. It has some normal intercity lines as well which is the largest traffic transfer hub in China, integrating train, plane, subway, city-bus, and long-distance bus. 




Shanghai Train Ticket Agent Project

NWCN will obtain agency rights to advertise in 270 advertising LCD panels located in 263 “Shanghai Ticket office ” throughout Shanghai city (Authorized by the Chinese Railway Ministry).

NWCN will also obtain the right to advertise on the Railway Ticket Envelope.

There are 263 locations throughout the city, each locations has at least one 32’ LCD panel, the scrolling broadcasting time of the railway consignment network LCD TV advertising system is From 8:00 to 17:00.

Passengers can view live train Schedule and ads bundled on LCD screens with within the locations.

NWCN plans to change some of these LCD panels to glass free 3D screens in the most busy locations with all these we can provide value-added services to our customers and revenue to the company.

NWCN wants to build the largest advertising network on Railway High-speed Station and Ticket office in the Yangtze River delta.

NWCN targets fast growing travelers for business and leisure who use Railway High-speed train and their transportation transit.




乘客可以在位置内查看捆绑在 LCD 屏幕上的实时列车时刻表和广告。

安博计划在最繁忙的地点将其中一些 LCD 面板更换为无玻璃 3D 屏幕,所有这些我们都可以为我们的客户提供增值服务并为公司带来收入。



Shanghai International Sourcing Center Base Project

NWCN obtained exclusive rights operate all advertising area in Shanghai International Sourcing Center Base.

NWCN was involved in this project when the project started. NWCN was responsible for the media planning and will be the operator for the whole advertising media of the Base.

The Base is located in the core area of Changfeng Ecological Business District, Suzhou River North, Putuo District, Shanghai. The Base comprises an international convention and exhibition center and two office buildings which covers a total construction area of 145,000 square meters and will be put into use in the end of 2013. It acts as a multi-purpose complex for conferences, exhibitions, offices and catering. With the completion of the Base, the Annual Shanghai International Sourcing Fair (“ISF”) will be held in the Base. ISF was upgraded as “National Fair” by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

The exhibition hall in Shanghai International Sourcing Centre Base is to meet the increasing demand of the exhibition space and the quantity of exhibition.

The whole building is designed to provide Multi-national companies and global buying groups with business offices. Meanwhile, Shanghai International Sourcing Centre Base, equipped with modern facilities for permanent display, exhibition & conference, catering, and business, is also an ideal venue for the international exhibition and conference.



基地位于上海市普陀区苏州河北长丰生态商务区核心区。基地包括一座国际会展中心和两座写字楼,总建筑面积14.5万平方米,将于2013年底投入使用,是集会议、展览、办公、办公为一体的多功能综合体。餐饮。随着基地的建成,一年一度的上海国际采购交易会(“ISF”)将在基地举行。 ISF被商务部升级为“全国博览会”,由上海市人民政府承办。