About NCN
Company Overview
Corporate Structure
Vision and Objective

Network CN is one of China's fastest growing companies in the out-of–home media sector. Our one-stop suite of services ranges from media planning to advertising operations in the media sector.

Company Outlook

Network CN has the positioning, expertise and strategic vision to harness strong corporate growth from the exciting media service landscape of today's China. We are working to make our service into a leading force in its industry sector and to cultivate cross-marketing synergies among them.

Starting from January 2007, we have continuously acquired different advertising company. Such actions bolster our media network’s sales and marketing resources and position us to handle additional media projects throughout China.

Strategic Initiatives


          Aim for consistent and sustainable growth
          Pursue efficiencies on operational and administrative levels
          Cultivate cross-marketing opportunities among our Media Network

Cash Flows
          Improve working capital management
          Exercise discipline in deploying capital
          Seek accretive acquisitions, especially equity-based opportunities

Longer-term Strategies

          Consolidate and reinforce core operations
          Actively expand into new businesses
          Expand footprint through privatization of state-owned assets